Advanced Usage

Observable Window Events

There are a few window events you may want to listen to in order to dynamically update your storefront. Below is a list of available events.


This event is emitted whenever token gated items are added to or removed from the cart.

Token Checker Widget

When a token is redeemed on a campaign, there is no change to the token's on chain metadata. So, we have included a widget that allows collectors to check if that token has already been used. It can be included by doing the following:


Token Set Gating

Token set gating is gating a product based on whether or not someone has a complete set of tokens. This will only work via a snapshot and will require multiple steps, including minting tokens to goerli. The following are instructions on how to do this in conjunction with Manifold Studio.

We will be improving this feature in the future to make it more straightforward.

Step 1: Determine all users that have a complete set

Using the Snapshot Tool, take a snapshot of all holders of the relevant tokens. Once you have this list, determine all the wallets that have the complete set, and the number of gated items you wish them to receive.

Step 2: Create a Goerli testnet token

Using Manifold Studio, create a Goerli ERC1155 testnet token representing the complete set. Choose an name, image and description that suits this. Mint a token to yourself, and mint the token to all the addresses above in the quantities desired. For further information on using Manifold Studio, please see these docs.

Step 3: Create a Token gate using the Goerli token

Configure a Product Gate using this token (snapshot based gate). This will gated access to the product to all the wallets you sent the Goerli token to in step 2.

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