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Manifold Studio is a platform that allows you to mint tokens on your self deployed creator contract. It allows you to retain true ownership and maintain the highest level of provenance of your work.
The power of owning your own contract allows you to launch customized web3 campaigns and build meaningful relationships with audiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best tools to enable creative sovereignty and power your web3 infrastructure.

How does Manifold work?

It starts with the Manifold contract!
The Manifold contract is a contract prepared by Manifold, but deployed by you, the creator. This allows for the highest level of platform independence and complete ownership of your work. Think of this as building and owning the infrastructure to your own minting factory. If needed, the contract is permissionless and can be customized with a little bit of development work.
Our Apps framework allows you create your own customized drops and integrations.
The Manifold Studio tools
By deploying your own Manifold Creator contract, we simplify the process of minting high-quality projects with zero coding required. This can range from single tokens, to numbered editions.
The recent launch of our Apps framework allows for complex contract mechanics that can be installed to your contract with a single click.
Manifold tools allows for mechanics such as:
  • Bootstrapping an audiences with Claim Pages and Airdrops
  • Creating Open Editions
  • Creating Token Gated merch experiences with our Shopify Merch Bridge


Manifold Studio is completely free to use and receives no platform fees. Any costs associated with deploying/minting are the standard gas fees that come with minting to mainnet.
We are here for the long term and we truly believe self-sovereign contracts are a fundamental piece for creators. If Manifold some day disappears or creators just don’t want to use Manifold Studio anymore, they will still be able to own and use their own contracts without any issues.

Where do I start?

Feel free to browse around our documentation to answer any additional questions you may have. If you're ready to mint right away, check out Manifold 101.
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Our Mission
How does Manifold work?
Where do I start?