Welcome to Manifold Studio

What is Manifold Studio?

Manifold Studio allows you to build your own web3 creative infrastructure and sell digital goods(NFTs).
The tools allow for the highest level of provenance and end to end control of your work.
Manifold provides:
  • The highest level of provenance and optionality when deploying a contract and minting tokens
  • The power to decide how you'd like to distribute your work and where you would like tokens to be sold
  • A suite of tools and mechanics to continuously engage and re-engage your collector base

Manifold Studio Tools

At it's core, Manifold Studio offers you the ability to deploy your own sovereign smart contracts without code. By deploying contracts with your own wallet, you maintain the highest level of provenance of your work.
After deploying your own Manifold Creator contract, a suite of tools is available. Our Apps framework allows you to create customized drop mechanics and retention tools. This includes both first party and third party apps.
Every single Manifold Creator contract is deployed and signed by the artist themselves. Because of this, even if Manifold were not to exist, creators have full control over the contract.

How Do I sell NFTs with Manifold Studio?

By deploying a sovereign contract, you have complete control over how to sell your tokens. Typically distributing tokes fall into two categories:
  1. 1.
    Minting to your own contract and listing it for sale:
  • 🖼️ Auction Pages - Deploying an auction page on your own domain and configure the rules of the auction to your liking.
  • 🏘️ Selling with an Auction House - List for sale with an auctioneer like Christie's or Sotheby's
  • 🚂 Selling on a Platform - List for sale on a platform like Opensea, Foundation or Nifty Gateway
  1. 2.
    Via a mint page:

What have others done with Manifold Studio?

Check out our Case Studies to see what other creators have built!

Where can I find the Manifold creator community?

If you can't find the the answers to any questions in our docs or FAQ, feel free to introduce yourself and check out our community forum.

How much does Manifold Studio cost to use?

Manifold's tools are completely free for creators. We take no commission on primary or secondary sales for creators. Instead, a small flat fee is charged to buyers of items collected through Manifold Apps.
100% of revenue goes directly to the creator.