Get Claim by Address

updated as of 4/26/2023

This is useful if you see the instanceId on chain.

Get claim data from a creator's address


Given an address , fetch and return all Claims for that wallet

Path Parameters

	"id": 1819994352,
	"creator": {
		"id": 1729235184,
		"image": null,
		"name": "ambr0sia",
		"twitterUrl": "",
		"address": "0x62cd63e7203f53476ea8956276238fe839a23103"
	"slug": "desk0fambr0sia",
	"publicData": {
		"name": "a letter to you",
		"image": ",q_80,w_1024/6a8201560c397c3a769c34b321198f7a4487f936e405e0ded06d2e1ad5c7431c.jpg",
		"endDate": "2022-11-11T19:11:11.000Z",
		"tokenUrl": ",q_80,w_1024/6a8201560c397c3a769c34b321198f7a4487f936e405e0ded06d2e1ad5c7431c.jpg",
		"claimType": "ERC1155",
		"isPayable": true,
		"startDate": null,
		"arweaveURL": "",
		"audienceId": null,
		"claimIndex": 1,
		"description": "🕯 illumination 🕯 ",
		"extensionAddress": "0x4e32004d8b81847a670b4a1778ace4dcf2bba01e",
		"fallbackProvider": "",
		"mediaIsLandscape": false,
		"creatorContractAddress": "0xcced1df84f70048eaa13a098acab5d144d70c2a5"
	"appId": 2537426615

Example curl

curl -X GET

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