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The Manifold Marketplace contract is the contract that powers the Marketplace Widgets and Manifold Gallery Listings.

Contract Addresses

The official deployed contracts are as follows:
Other Networks

Listing Types

There are two types of marketplace listings:
  • Auction Listing: An auction listing will present a single NFT for auction-style bidding.
  • Purchase Listing: A purchase listing is a set price listing. Multiple editions of an NFT can also be listed in a purchase listing.

Listing Parameters

A listing can be configured with the following parameters on creation:
  • Start Time: (Optional) parameter for the time a listing becomes active and will accept bid or purchase requests. If this parameter is not provided, the sale will start on first bid or purchase.
  • End Time: (Optional) parameter for the time a listing expires and will no longer accept bid or purchase requests. If the start time is not provided, this value represents the duration, in seconds, the listing will be active.
  • Floor Price: For Auction listings, this acts as the minimum initial bid. For Purchase listings, this is the price to purchase the NFT.
  • ERC20 Token Address: (Optional) provide this address if you wish to sell the NFT using an ERC20 token
  • Minimum Basis Points Increment: (Auctions Only) the minimum increment between bids
  • Extension Interval: (Auctions Only) the amount of time to extend the auction if a bid comes in within this interval's time remaining. See extended bidding
  • Identity Verifier Address: (Optional) provide this address if you wish to use a smart contract to restrict bid/purchase access to the listing. An Identity Verifier Address must implement the IIdentityVerifier interface.
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