Deployed Instances

In order to keep deployment costs low for all creators Manifold Creator Contracts are deployed using a delegate proxy implementation (EIP-897). In this implementation, a customized Manifold smart contract with individual ASCII art, token name, and token symbol is deployed and includes an interface that delegates its logic to the complete and immutable Manifold Creator Core contract. Not only is the Creator Core implementation immutable, but so is the delegation of the proxy. Mainnet and Rinkeby immutable contract implementations are as follows:

Function Permissions

With the Manifold Creator Core Contract architecture, each contract function has one of the following permission types:

  • Public - A function callable by anyone regardless of ownership or relationship to a specific contract or token (e.g. looking up royalties).

  • Owner/Admin Only - A function callable only by the contract owner or a wallet address that has been made an admin of the contract by the contract owner (e.g. minting tokens). A handful of functions are limited to Owner Only and specified as such (e.g. approving an admin).

  • Registered Extensions Only - A function callable only by a specific extension registered to the base contract (e.g. overriding token URI when minting from an extension).

The following sections will detail the various functions of the Creator Contract architecture.

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