2.3 Cart Page Setup

On the Cart Page we need to add the "Manifold Items (Cart)" block as a new section and the "Manifold Checkout Buttons" block.

Use the drop down to navigate to the Cart page of the Theme

Add the Manifold Checkout Buttons block

In the Subtotal section

  • click Add block

  • Select the Manifold Checkout Buttons

Just like with the Manifold Buy Button, you do not have to hide the default Checkout button. The Checkout button will load if an item in your cart is token gated, and replace the normal checkout button.

Add the Manifold Items (Cart)

  • Click Add section

  • navigate to Apps and select Manifold Items (Cart)

  • Drag the new section up to where the Items section is

  • Hide the existing Items section!

Note: Make sure to hide the default Items section in the Cart page. As the Manifold Items (Cart) component can handle token gated and non-token gated products.

Once again, make sure to hit Save in the top right.

Congrats! If you followed Steps 1-2, You now have a fully configured product gate!

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