2.2 Product Page Setup

First we will need to add the "Manifold Buy Button" to the product page to handle product gates.

We will configure the product page first. In the drop down selector at the top, Navigate from Home page -> Products -> Default Product

Then In the Product Information section:

  • click Add Block

  • select the "Manifold Buy Button" App Block

  • drag it just below the default "Buy buttons"

Note: You do not have to hide the default "Buy buttons" on token gated pages, they will automatically be hidden and replaced with the "Manifold Buy Button"

Make sure to press the Save button in the top right!

Optional Customizations

You can also modify the Manifold buy button further for

  1. The confetti emojis after a holder makes a successful redemption on the product

  2. The Opensea link to get some tokens (displayed when a signed in wallet has not tokens on your product rules)

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