Step 2: Store Theme Setup

Now that we have everything behind the scenes setup. We will configure your Store's theme.

What Themes Can I Use?

Our app blocks will work on most Shopify Themes. The requirements are:

  1. The Theme meets Shopify's recommended Online Store 2.0 standards

    (Almost all of the Themes you download directly from Shopify meet this standard)

  2. The Theme has a specified Cart page. (Not just a slide out window for displaying the cart and going to checkout)

For reference, our app blocks will work with all of these themes in the image below (on their most up to date version)

Make sure you are using version 10.0.0 or greater on the Theme

Previously we had a Dawn template theme where we modified the liquid code directly for you. We no longer suggest this, and instead recommend using our App Blocks for an easier experience. However the previous way still works!

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