1.3: Link a Product to the Gate

Now that you have created the Gate, link a product to it

Product Gates represent one singular product, and you can only have one active Product Gate per product at any time.

Adding a Product

After you have created the gate. Click into it and scroll down. You will see sections marked Products and Rules. We will start with Products. Use the green "Add product" button to add a product to your gate.

Then select the product you want to setup the gate for. If your product has different variations (e.g. sizes) then make sure all the variations you want to be gated are selected

Exclusive Product Checkbox

Check "This is an exclusive product" if the product gate you want to set up is for token holders only. If you want anyone to be able to purchase the product at the regular price, while offering token holders a discount (configured next in "Rules") then leaves this unchecked.

Remember: Only items with the required Merch Bridge configuration (see Step 1.1) will be available for selection. If attempting to select a product without proper configuration you will receive an error.

Edit Product Settings

When you add a product, the Max Quantity Per Order is set at "1" by default and "Total inventory" is not tracked. You can make changes to these settings, and the "Exclusive" product indication, by using the pencil icon in the Products section.

  • Max Quantity Per Order: This number determines how many of this product can be purchased in one redemption (e.g. "order").

  • Total Inventory: Merch Bridge will continue selling Exclusive products with 0 inventory as this is the way we've designed the system to be most secure in keeping Exclusive products gated. If you want to track inventory and make an Exclusive product unavailable after a certain number of sales you can do that by setting a total inventory level here which will decrement with each redemption. For this example my Cool Hat! product is exclusive only to certain NFT holders and I know my max inventory is 253.

Make any desired changes and "Submit".

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