1.2: Create a New Product Gate

Now that the product is ready for token gating, create the product gate in the Manifold App

From your admin home page click "Apps" and select the "Manifold - Token Gate" app. From here you can click into the "Product Gates" sub menu to get started.

Click the green "New Product Gate" button to get started.

Start by entering a "Campaign Name" for tracking purposes and the dates you'd like your gate to be active. If this is an evergreen gate with no specific end date simply check the "No End Date" box.

Allow Multiple Redemptions Checkbox

By default, a Product Gate will allow a single redemption for every eligible token specified in the allow list. This means that if a collector uses their token to obtain the token-gated benefit, that token will be "marked" as used and will not be able to be used again for the same benefit.

When configuring your product gate use the "Allow Multiple Redemptions" setting to bypass this. Using this feature is desirable in situations where the Product Gate is not a "one time" benefit, but instead an evergreen experience where the holder of that token can come and go and place multiple orders over time that include the gated product of interest.

Snapshot Checkbox

Check the "Snapshot" checkbox if you'd like to allow only wallets holding tokens at a specified time to be eligible for the gate (i.e. a wallet "snapshot").

If you plan to specify ERC-721 tokens for this gate, leaving this unchecked will allow gate eligibility to travel with the NFT (most common setup).

Snapshots are required for ERC-1155 tokens as these tokens are fungible in nature and do not have a distinct token ID, or way for us to distinguish which ones have been consumed or not.

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