Step 1: Product Gate Setup

First we will need to set up the the product gate. This includes the following: modifying the product's settings, creating a Gate, then adding a product and rules to the gate.

What's a Product Gate?

Manifold Merch Bridge uses the concept of "Product Gates" to configure token gated discounts and access. Product Gates are created and managed in the "Product Gates" section of the Shopify App and specify the following:

  • Name

  • Start date/time

  • End date/time (or specification of "No End Date")

  • If the gate uses real time ownership information for token holders or a point in time snapshot of ownership

    • Snapshots MUST be used for ERC 1155 tokens and can be used for ERC 721

    • Non-snapshot gates can ONLY be used for ERC 721 tokens

  • Product being gated

  • Redemption limits and inventory

  • Audience/allow list rules for what NFT holders get what discounts and benefits on the product

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