Shopify Products

This page describes how to configure Shopify Products to be used within the Manifold Merch Bridge

Product Type Configuration

In order for Manifold Merch Bridge widgets to take effect on products included in Merch Bridge campaigns, you must first mark products as "Type" "Manifold" in their product settings.

Find and click the product you plan to gate in the "Product" section of the your Shopify store's admin panel.

In the "Product organization" section click in the Type box and choose "+ Add custom type".

Add custom type "Manifold".

Click "Save" in the top right corner to save changes.

Token Holder Exclusive Items

If you intend the product to be an exclusive item for NFT holders, you would need to set an extremely high product price (e.g. $10,000) and apply a discount for NFT holders to bring it back down to the expected price.

Why do we do this? The way Shopify is built opens shops up to vulnerabilities and exploits if a product ID is known. Essentially it allows hackers to modify the front-end code of the website and build a cart that includes that product ID and check out.

This isn't such a bad thing for products you intend to sell at a set price in your store (the more sales the merrier, right?), but for upholding community integrity with holder exclusive items, whether paid or free, we recommend setting inventory to zero (with "Track quantity" enabled and "Continue selling when out of stock" enabled) and managing the volume of the products inside Merch Bridge campaigns.

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