Here we'll indicate what groups of NFT holders will get what discount or access.

Click on the green "Manage Rules" button to open the Campaign Rule Manager.

Select the "Product" from the drop down for which you want to make a token gated rule. You'll notice that only items you've added to your product list (previous step) are available. This is on purpose and you'll need to add desired products there first before selecting.

Next, select the "Discount %" you want to apply to this product with this rule.

If you are giving only access to this product to certain NFT holders (NFT-Exclusive, yet still regular price), please ensure that your product has an artifically high price (e.g. $10,000) and apply a discount for NFT holders to bring the product back down to the expect NFT-holder price. This is necessary due to limitations of Shopify's native cart system. If you did not do this, anyone could programatically add the item to the cart and checkout.

Next we'll specify the NFT holding requirements for this rule with the "Restricted rule" box!

Restricted Rule

This is where the NFT magic happens. Check the "Restricted rule" box to open up the UI for specifying which NFTs you want to make sure customers have to be eligible.

Start by entering in the contract address of the NFT collection in the "Contract address" box. For example, I know I want to use Cool Cats for these Cool Hats! so I'm inputting 0x1A92f7381B9F03921564a437210bB9396471050C into the form. Contract addresses can be obtained by finding the official collection pages for projects on marketplaces like LooksRare or OpenSea and clicking through to the projects Etherscan link for the contract.

Now that we've got the contract address loaded in we can select from the following:

  • All tokens: Selecting this option will make holders of any token of the specified contract eligible for redemption (one token = one redemption). This is great for giving access to "all Cool Cats" or "all holders of my artwork".

  • Filter by token id range: Selecting this option will allow you to specify a "Minimum" and "Maximum" token ID to indicate a range of ho is eligible. For example, if I were to put "1" and "100" as inputs for this contract, Cool Cats #1 - #100 would only be eligible (Token ID).

  • Filter by attribute: Selecting this option will allow gating based on specific NFT attributes, even required sets of specific attributes. For example, with my Cool Hat! product I want to ensure only those Cool Cats NFTs that also wear the same hat have access to it (attribute "hat: hat white".

Attribute Filtering

To select an attribute simply click in the "Search attributes" box and the selection of available attributes will populate. For some projects with many attributes (like PFPs) the set of attributes might take a moment to load. If you are not seeing the correct set of attributes double check the submitted contract address. If that's correct it may be that our system needs a nudge to re-scan the collection for the updated set. You can do this by clicking the "Refresh metadata" button if needed.

When selecting an attribute check the box next to the attribute and you will see the attribute populate below the search bar in a grey box. Click "Add" to add this rule

You'll see the rule gets added as a line item to the "Rules" table with details of contract, restriction (all contract tokens, range, or attributes), restriction details, and the desired discount percent for this group of holders.

Attribute Combinations

If more than one attribute is selected before "adding" the rule, this will function as an "and", requiring holders' NFTs to have attribute 1 AND attribute 2 AND attribute 3 (and so on) to be eligible for the claim.

In the below example we've created a rule that only Cool Cats with "face - glasses" AND "tier - exotic_1" traits are eligible for the 100% discount of the Mani Hat. Be sure to double check your intended audience when combining attributes. For example, this combination of two traits represents only 12 NFTs from the 10k collection.

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