Gate Products

Adding a Product to the Gate

Inside your gate in the Manifold Merch Bridge App, use the green "Add product" button to add products to your gate's Products list.

Select the desired product to add from your list.

When you add a product, the Redemption Limit is set at "1" by default and "Total inventory" is not tracked.

  • Redemption limit: The maximum number of redemptions for a product on a gate. If I changed this to "2" then anyone with the NFT I specify later in the Rules section would be able to claim 2 of these hats, each with the discount configured in that rule (e.g. 2 here would be 2 hats with 100% off on each). For this example I'm going to keep it at 1 (most common setting).

  • Total Inventory: Merch Bridge will continue selling products with 0 inventory as this is the way we've designed the system to be most secure when selling NFT-exclusive items (review this concept here). If you want to track inventory and make an NFT-exclusive product unavailable after a certain number of sales you can do that by setting a total inventory level here which will decrement with each redemption. For this example my Cool Hat! product is exclusive only to certain NFT holders and I know my max inventory is only 253.

Make any desired changes and "Submit".

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