Customization & Styling

The restricted token widget has simplistic dark and light mode styles. By default, it renders according to the end-user's preferred OS color scheme. The widget can be easily stylized by changing the appropriate Manifold CSS Variables.

Manifold CSS Variables

This section assumes you have basic HTML and CSS knowledge.

You can also customize the identity widget using the Manifold CSS variables.

The following list of variables are those that have an effect on the identity widget:


  • --manifold-text--font-family--body: affects the font-family of the widget.

  • --manifold-text--font-size--body: affects the font-size of the widget.

  • --manifold-text--color--body: affects the default color of the widget text.

  • --manifold-text--color--muted: affects the default color for the Twitter handle (if it exists).


  • --manifold-element--color--background: affects the popup menu's background colour.

  • --manifold-border--color: affects the colour of any borders on the widget.

  • --manifold-border--color: affects the outline color of the popup.

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