Restricted Token Widget

Add a display showing blocked marketplaces on a token address

Current Version


Javascript Library

Base CSS

Required Properties

  • data-widget: "m-restricted-token"

  • data-network: The network chain id your token contract is on (e.g. Ethereum Mainnet is 1).

  • data-address: Your token's contract address


The Restricted Token Widget allows you to display any/all marketplaces that are blocked from transferring this token address. The widget displays its information in accordance with the Creator Ownership Research Institute's standards.

This is especially important information to have when you are selling a token (i.e. if you are using marketplace widget).

If there are no marketplaces blocked, then the restricted token widget will not display on the page.

Adding the Restricted Token Widget

You can find detailed instructions on how to install and use widgets for your specific website stack by referring to Step 3 in the Getting Started Guide. Step 1 and 2 are not required for this widget.

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