Version Change Notes

Marketplace widgets change notes.

Stable versions are listed below, along with the major changes introduced in each version.



  • Fixed price listings now support custom buy button text.

  • Squashed some bugs concerning fixed price listings, display issues when using Metamask Mobile browser.



  • Marketplace widgets now support linking to platforms other than OpenSea when specified in the data-view-link-platform attribute.



  • Marketplace widgets now support Manifold CSS variables.

  • Marketplace widgets also offer their own set of CSS variables.

  • Better error messaging on the "bid" button.


  • m-listing-interactions widget replaces m-listing-bids and m-listing-offers .

    • No need to worry about whether the listing is a bid or an offer, as m-listing-interactions handles that for you.

  • Improvements were made to CSS selectors and rulesets for clarity and consistency across widgets. See 3.2.1 - CSS Selector Changes for the list of changes.



  • Listings now support ranked offers interface.

    • m-listing-offers widget.

  • It is now possible to add id, class attributes to the HTML element with a data-widget attribute.


  • data-widget name changes:

    • m-catalog-card -> m-card-catalog

    • m-countdown-card -> m-card-countdown

    • m-ad-card -> m-card-ad

  • CSS class names were changed between v2 and v3 to offer more clarity and to avoid common class name clashes. See 3.1.1 - CSS Selector Changes for the list of changes.

  • m-listing-image-expandable reads directly from data-media-background.

    • data-background-image, data-background-gradient-config are deprecated.

Under the hood

  • Marketplace widgets now detect newly created elements and updated data-attributes automatically.

  • Improved performance due to architectural changes.


Oldest public implementation of Marketplace widgets. Deprecated Rinkeby in favour of Goerli.


  • m-listing-image-expandable's background is configurable using the following data-props:

    • data-background-image: the URI to the image to be displayed as the background;

    • data-background-gradient-config: the JSON string that specifies the background gradient color(s), type, and angle

    interface MediaBackgroundGradientConfig {
      /** angle in degrees representing from which direction the gradient (linear/conic) flows */
      angle?: number;
      /** string array of colors for the media background */
      colors?: string[];
      /** if two or more color values are provided, specifies the type of background */
      type?: MediaBackgroundType;

    These two props need to be provided instead of the data-media-background prop when using this widget on its own.

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