Manifold for Developers


The following is a list of common issues encountered while using the Marketplace Widgets.
>= 3.0.0: Ensure that when you are adding an HTML element, the element has a valid data-widget property before being appended to the DOM.
< 3.0.0: If you added an HTML element with a data-widget property after the window.load event (dynamically, or client-side rendering), the widget will not be replaced. To replace it, you can manually dispatch a m-refresh-widget event through the window object.
Ensure that your listing ID and chosen network ID are correct. If those are correct, it's possible that your listing data-widget is being displayed with the wrong data-version.
The text for the bid input may show 0.0 ETH if:
  • you have an Ethereum provider and are not on the same network as the auction;
  • you do not have an Ethereum provider.
To fix this, make sure you add a link to an Ethereum node on the same network as the auction to data-fallback-provider.
Example (for mainnet auctions):
Still encountering issues? Contact us and we'll gladly help!