Customization & Styling

Marketplace widgets have simplistic dark and light mode styles. By default, it renders according to the end-user's preferred OS colour scheme. The widget can be easily stylized by changing the appropriate Manifold CSS Variables.

Manifold CSS Variables

This section assumes you have basic HTML and CSS knowledge.

You can also customize Marketplace widgets using the Manifold CSS variables.

The full list of variables can be found here.

Marketplace-Specific CSS Variables

On top of the base Manifold CSS variables, Marketplace widgets offer a list of variables to simplify customization. These are located under the .m-marketplace scope.

Floating Action Buttons (FAB)

  • --m-marketplace-fab--size--primary: size of primary FABs. Defaults to 50px.

  • --m-marketplace-fab--size--secondary: size of secondary FABs. Defaults to 40px.

  • --m-marketplace-fab--size--popup: size of FABs located in popup overlays. Defaults to 2rem.

  • --m-marketplace-fab--color--text: text colour for FABs.

  • --m-marketplace-fab--color--background: background colour for FABs.

  • --m-marketplace-fab--color--hover: background colour for FABs on hover.

Loading Screens

  • --m-marketplace-loading--color--values: comma-separated HSL value. Read by --m-marketplace-loading--color--background and --m-marketplace-loading--color--overlay.

  • --m-marketplace-loading--color--background: colour for full-screen loading screens. By default, reads --m-marketplace-loading--color--values as an HSL value.

  • --m-marketplace-loading--color--overlay: colour for loading overlays. By default, reads --m-marketplace-loading--color--values as an HSL value and sets the alpha channel to 0.5.


  • --m-marketplace-popup--color--background: colour to dim the elements behind the popup.

  • --m-marketplace-popup--color--button: colour for buttons in a popup.

  • --m-marketplace-popup--color--button--hover: background colour for popup buttons on hover.

  • --m-marketplace-popup--color--button--text: text colour for popup buttons.


  • --m-marketplace-bid-overlay--padding: padding value for the bid overlay screen. Defaults to 80px for screens wider than 525px and 30px for screens less than or equal to 525px in width.

  • --m-marketplace-overlay--color--border: colour for the surrounding border on overlay screens (m-layout-bid-overlay).

  • --m-marketplace-input--color--background: background colour for input fields.

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