Marketplace Widgets

Add Manifold Gallery marketplace listings to your website.

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Javascript Library

Base CSS

Additional CSS

Required Properties

  • data-widget: The type of marketplace widget you wish to use

  • data-network: The network chain id your listing is on (e.g. Ethereum Mainnet is 1).

  • data-id: The id of the listing you've created

The data-network props MUST match the values used for the Connect Widget or your instantiated instance of the Manifold Ethereum Provider, otherwise the widget will not work.

Peer Dependencies

Version 3.5.0 and above requires Connect Widget (>= 3.0.0)

To display the option to connect with Wallet Connect, you must use Connect Widget >= 3.0.0 and provide values for:

  • data-network

  • data-fallback-provider (for blockchain read operations)

  • data-wallet-connect-project-id

You can find more details on the Connect Widget > Wallet Connect section.

Uses the Wallet Identity Widget (>= 2.0.0) to display a listing's seller's details. If this is not included, the seller's details will not appear.

This only affects m-layout-complete-listing and m-layout-details-display.

Uses the Restricted Token Widget (>= 0.1.0) to display the marketplace on which the listing's token is blocked, if any. If this is not included, the widget will not appear.

This only affects m-layout-complete-listing.


Marketplace widgets are a set of customizable UI components that allow you to create a fully customized marketplace experience.

They have been used by artists to build completely unique sales experiences, curators to build exclusive listing sites and by Manifold native gallery listings.

Creating Listings

Listings are created and managed via the Manifold Gallery App in Manifold Studio

Adding Marketplace Widgets

You can find detailed instructions on how to install and use widgets for your specific website stack by referring to Step 3 in the Getting Started Guide. Step 1 and 2 are not required for this widget.

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