Manifold for Developers

Connect Widget

Add wallet authentication and blockchain functionality to your website.
Current Version

Javascript Library

Base CSS

Required Properties

  • data-widget: "m-connect"
  • data-app-name: Your App's Name
  • data-client-id: Your App's Client ID
  • data-network: The network chain id you wish to use (e.g. Ethereum Mainnet is "1")


The Connect Widget enables a simple and foolproof way of adding web3 authentication to your website.
With Connect Widget you'll find there's...
  • No need to handle all wallet types (we'll do that for you)
  • No need to set up your own web3 provider (we've got it covered)
  • No need to parse complex blockchain data (we'll take care of that too)
The widget itself is quite flexible, allowing customization of styling, Ethereum provider settings, events listening, and more.
Integrating the 'Connect' button in a 'Find NFTs' example application as shown below is as simple as embedding a few lines of code into your project!
An installed Connect Wallet button and integration of Manifold APIs for a simple NFT application.

Adding the Connect Widget

You can find detailed instructions on how to install and use widgets for your specific website stack by visiting the Getting Started Guide.