For Questionnaire campaigns head to the "Questions" section of your campaign details and look for the "Add Question" section. Here you will build the custom form your collectors will see when passing through your token gate. As a reminder, the form data captured once your campaign is live will be available right away on this same page. See Campaign Progress for more details.

Questions can be added to your form one-by-one by selecting a corresponding question type and clicking "Add Question". Basic questions like "Name" or "Address" are pre-configured and do not need additional information to add. Question types "Free Form" and "Poll" will prompt you for the free form question or multi-select poll options you'd like to include. Question types are defined as follows:

  • Name: Capture a collector's name

  • Twitter: Capture a collector's Twitter handle

  • Address: Capture a collector's physical mailing address

  • Phone Number: Capture a collector's phone number

  • Email: Capture a collector's email address

  • FreeForm: Define a custom question answerable in a free-form field

  • Poll: Provide two custom text entries for collectors to choose from in a poll format

As you build your form you'll see the question types and details populate in the Questions table. This will reflect the form constructions shown to your collectors during the token gate experience.

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