Campaign Creation

A 'Campaign' is an individual instance of a token gated experience. A campaign puts a number of parameters together to make sense of “What” you are gating (a custom form to collect data, a unique QR Code, etc.), “Who” you are allowing through the gate (a “Whitelist” of contract addresses/token IDs -OR- a time-bound snapshot for ERC1155 tokens), and "When" the experience will be available.

Campaign Creation is accessed via the Manifold Developer Portal.

New Campaign

  1. Choose "Campaign" -> "Create Campaign" to begin configuring a new campaign.

  2. Enter in a Campaign Name. This name will be used to keep track of the campaign in your Dev Portal and will also be displayed as the widget title on the customer-facing experience. Be sure to use something that makes sense for collectors to see.

  3. Enter a "Start Date" and "End Date". These represent when the claim window for your campaign will start and end; when your Whitelisted token holders will be able to access and execute the flow. If you are creating a practice campaign to test, make sure it's past the start date before attempting to run through a claim, as campaigns will not function until active.

  4. If you are using ERC1155 tokens for your campaign you will need to specify the date and time when you want your snapshot to occur by checking "Snapshot". This is required for ERC1155 tokens as they are fungible and not unique. It's also possible to choose a snapshot style campaign for ERC721 tokens if desired, or when planning to make your whitelist a mix of ERC1155 and ERC721 tokens. If you plan on only using ERC721 tokens within your campaign you can leave this option unchecked, which will result in a campaign type of "Live" (compared to "Snapshot"), where each token's campaign consumption is managed individually, regardless of owner or time of ownership.


    1. Snapshot must be scheduled at least 60 minutes before the campaign start time.

    2. When selecting your Snapshot time be aware you will select the whitelisted contracts and tokens for the snapshot on the next screen in dev portal, so give yourself enough time for this step (~15 minutes) so your snapshot runs with the correct whitelist specifications.

  5. Next, select "Action" type. Currently there are two action types to choose from. We'll be continuing to add action types for various Token Gating use cases in the future.

    • Questionnaire: With a Questionnaire campaign you are able to build custom forms that can only be filled out by whitelisted token holders. During the configuration process you'll build your form with click-to-add form fields like "Name", "Email", "Address", "Twitter", and "Phone Number". You're also able to add custom free form or poll style questions to add unlimited flexibility of data collection to your campaigns. As collectors pass through the token gate and fill out their forms the data will be visible to you in Developer Portal and can be exported via CSV for your use.

    • QR Code (beta): A QR Code campaign enables users to get a custom QR Code `ticket` for use at an event.

Gated Token Configuration

Regardless of action type, the next step will be configuring what tokens you want to be eligible for your campaign. Tokens included on this list will allow their holders to pass through your token gate and take advantage of the experience you've set up.

To add tokens to your whitelisted token list head to your campaign via the "Campaigns" page and click "View". In the "Whitelisted Tokens" section add the contract address of the collection you'd like to include and select which tokens on the contract you'd like to specify:

  • All Tokens: Includes all tokens on the contract

  • Select Individual Token: Includes the single token specified in the "Token ID" box

  • Token Range: Includes all tokens in the specified range from "Min Token" to "Max Token"

  • Tokens by Attribute: Want to easily select only Cool Cats with Hats? COMING SOON!

Next, click "Add Token" and the specified tokens from the contract will be added to the Whitelisted Tokens list. You can add as many entries as you'd like to this table, and use the "Delete" button as needed to edit. For example, I can add a number of entries using the same Token Contract Address, but specify different ranges (e.g. "1-25, 50-75") or mix and match different Token Contract Addresses entirely.

For "Live" ERC721 campaigns this list can be edited at any time during the campaign, however, for "Snapshot" campaigns (ERC1155 or ERC721) the Whitelisted Token list will be referenced only at Snapshot time to create the Snapshot, or eligible list of token holders for the campaign.

Configure the Campaign Details


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