PREREQUISITE: Make sure you have signed up for a Manifold Developer account at the Manifold Developer Portal and are logged in.

When you first login to the Manifold Developer Portal, you will see a dashboard containing all your Developer Applications. Developer Applications are needed to use the Manifold Client Widgets/Libraries, and the Manifold Server endpoints.

Create a New App

After signing up, select "Create New App" and enter an App Name and Description. Note that the App Name here will be referenced in wallet signature requests (e.g. "Please sign this to allow App Name access to...").

Configure the redirect URI to point to the website for your dApp and choose your Grant Type.

We recommend starting with the Token Grant Type. This is most common type for pure front end applications.

Find out more about the other Grant Type options here.

Click "Create" and your Manifold App will be created with a unique Client ID (and potentially a Client Secret, depending on the grant type), which will be used in configuring the client widgets/libraries and accessing the server-to-server APIs.

Ready to go?

Head to the Developer Widgets section to start building

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