Connect Widget


Enabling NFT owners the ability to securely connect their wallets to interact with your applications shouldn't be hard. In the past this might have required some specific knowledge involving contract complexities, Ethereum provider customizations, and the development know-how to wire it all together within your application.
The Manifold Connect Widget enables a simple and foolproof way of adding a “Connect Wallet” button within your website or application, prompting users to sign a message with their wallet to connect and authenticate. Authentication is handled through OAuth 2.0 and provides a token that can be used with the Manifold Data APIs for querying information about the connected wallet.
The widget itself is quite flexible, allowing customization of styling, Ethereum provider settings, events listening, and more.
Integrating the "Connect Wallet" button in a "Find NFTs" example application as shown below is as simple as embedding a few lines of code into your project. The following documentation will provide more information on each component and additional customizations and handling. In the final section you'll find a complete walkthrough of implementing the Manifold Connect Widget within an example application for authenticating users and querying NFT data to incorporate in the app.
An installed Connect Wallet button and integration of Manifold APIs for a simple NFT application.
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