Campaign Widget


Requires the Connect Widget or your own instantiated instance of the Manifold Ethereum Provider
Using the Campaign Widget is the easiest way to integrate token gated experiences within your app or site. Campaign Widget builds upon our Connect Wallet widget, using an OAuth connection to query NFT data of your connected users via Manifold APIs. Campaign Widget uses this information in conjunction with configurable token gated “campaigns” managed in the Manifold Developer Portal.
Within each campaign things like start and end date, the tokens required for claim, and the experiences you want to make available can be configured. We've launched token gating in conjunction with Manifold Merch Bridge, our official Shopify App to make token gating products from your Shopify store simple and easy. We've also created an option to run your own token-gated data collection via custom forms so you can gather collector data to use however you please. We'll be adding a number of other cool token gated features down the line as well.
Once a campaign is set, the Connect Wallet and Campaign widgets will need to be embedded within your site, referencing your Client and Campaign IDs from Manifold Developer Portal. From here you’re good to go. Upon campaign start collectors can connect their wallets, navigate through the redemption widget to prove NFT ownership, and finalize their secure checkout or data entry.
Check out a brief demo of the customer experience below and read on for full documentation and instructions for configuring and executing token gated experiences!
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