Manifold for Developers are a set of tools provided for NFT community to easily create rich consumer experiences. We believe that the growth of the NFT ecosystem depends on creating more engaging mechanics, and our tools help make that simple.

The Shopify Merch Bridge

The Shopify merch bridge is an app that we've developed for gated web3 retail commerce. To find more details and use it, skip right to this section of the docs

For Creators and Web Developers

Creators and web developers can create engaging NFT experiences by taking advantage of our suite of Widgets. Widgets are UI components that you can place on your own website to enable web3 and NFT functionality.

To get started, follow our Getting Started Guide

For Smart Contract Developers

Manifold has also provided a set of open source smart contracts for the community. Details about these smart contracts can be found in the Smart Contracts section of the documentation.

Got questions or awesome ideas? Feel free to reach out!

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