Claim Page

Create open and limited editions using your existing Manifold Creator contract.
Use Claim Page to create a page for editioned tokens that lets your collectors to mint tokens themselves.
To get started, head over to your Apps tab in Manifold Studio.
Be aware that all tokens claimed will be minted under the same contract so it's up to you to decide if you want them to be in a new collection or in the current collection where you might be minting your other tokens.

Using an ERC-721 or ERC-1155 Contract

Claim Page supports both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs and can be configured with an Allow List.
  • ERC-721 will display as multiple individual tokens on sales platforms
  • ERC-1155 will display as a single token with multiple owners on sales platforms

Using an Allow List

Claim Page allows you to specify the wallets that can claim your tokens through a CSV file.
The format of the CSV file needs to include the following fields:
  • address: the wallet addresses that are allowed to claim (ENS addresses are not supported)
  • value: a value indicating how many tokens can each wallet claim.
Check out this CSV as an example.

Using a snapshot

You can also take a snapshot from any of your Manifold Creator contracts and directly use that csv as input.
The default values from a snapshot will give each wallet the ability to claim a token per token held.


Payout Address

When deploying a claim page, creators have the ability to set a payout address for the primary sale of the claim. If you're looking to split the primary sale proceeds with other wallets, a tool like 0xSplits can be used and the address added here.


If you're looking to Airdrop tokens from your claim page, this can be done once the claim page is deployed.


Collectors can now add their emails to subscribe to a creator right from claim pages.
Subscribing will notify collectors via email when:
  • A claim is created
  • A claim will start in 1h
  • A claim started
  • A claim will end in 1h
  • A claim ended
As a creator you can decide if you want to notify all your subscribers right when creating a claim.
As a collector you can manage your subscriptions and the notifications you get right from
Where can I see my subscribers?
Currently there is no way to see you subscribers. We will add ways to do so and engage with them soon.
Will subscribers get updates to Burn and Redeems or when I mint a token?
No, currently subscribers will only get notifications for claim pages.

Tutorials from our community

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