Claim Page

Create open and limited editions using your existing Manifold Creator contract.


Use Claim Page to create a page for editioned tokens that lets your collectors to mint tokens themselves.

To get started, head over to your Apps tab in Manifold Studio.

Be aware that all tokens claimed will be minted under the same contract so it's up to you to decide if you want them to be in a new collection or in the current collection where you might be minting your other tokens.

Using an ERC-721 or ERC-1155 Contract

Claim Page supports both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs and can be configured with an Allow List.

  • ERC-721 will display as multiple individual tokens on sales platforms

  • ERC-1155 will display as a single token with multiple owners on sales platforms

Custom Audiences

Claim Page allows you to specify a custom list of wallets that can claim your tokens by configuring Audience snapshots and/or uploading a simple CSV. Just choose "Custom Audience" when setting up your claim rules for a list of options. Learn more about Manifold Audiences.

Snapshots must be complete BEFORE publishing your Claim for allowlists to be reflected. You have the ability to publish your Claim before a snapshot is complete if you'd like to share your upcoming drop, but you will need to publish AGAIN before the start time to reflect on-chain allowlist data of your snapshot.

Customize ERC721 Metadata

Customize your ERC721 claim tokens with unique artwork for each TokenID!

This can be used for collectible style drops that require a reveal mechanic.

For more info check out this page!

Claim Codes

When setting claim page rules creators can choose to use one-time claim codes. Enabling this feature requires collectors to enter a redemption code in order to mint.

Claim codes must be generated and submitted by creators and support alphanumeric characters and dashes only.

Credit card payments cannot be enabled for claims utilizing claim codes.

Payout Address

When deploying a claim page, creators have the ability to set a payout address for the primary sale of the claim. If you're looking to split the primary sale proceeds with other wallets, a tool like 0xSplits can be used and the address added here.


If you're looking to Airdrop tokens from your claim page, this can be done once the claim page is deployed.

Enabling credit card payments powered by Crossmint

Credit card payments can't be enabled for claims selling in ERC-20

After you've created your claim page you will see and Advanced tab on your Dashboard. Click on it and check the box "Enable Credit Card Payments".

How do I get paid with Crossmint?

You will receive payments in ETH to your designated payout address, just as you would with any other claim purchase. While Crossmint allows collectors to make payments using USD, the actual transaction is still conducted in ETH through Crossmint

What happens if my collectors don't have a crypto wallet?

With Crossmint, collectors can conveniently purchase NFTs using only their email address. In this process, Crossmint creates a custodial wallet for the collector, which can be easily accessed by simply logging in with their email at


Collectors can now add their emails to subscribe to a creator right from claim pages.

Subscribing will notify collectors via email when:

  • A claim is created

  • A claim will start in 1h

  • A claim started

  • A claim will end in 1h

As a creator you can decide if you want to notify all your subscribers right when creating a claim.

As a collector you can manage your subscriptions and the notifications you get right from

Where can I see my subscribers?

Currently there is no way to see you subscribers. We will add ways to do so and engage with them soon.

Will subscribers get updates to Burn and Redeems or when I mint a token?

No, currently subscribers will only get notifications for claim pages.

Tutorials from our community

How to Make a Custom Free Claim NFT Page On Manifold by @JENFTEACH.eth


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