Marketplace Blocker

The Marketplace Blocker app provides a creator controlled alternative to Opensea’s Operator Filter. The Marketplace Blocker app lets you manually create your own marketplace blocklist to restrict the sale of tokens on selected marketplaces.
While we don't agree with blocking marketplaces we believe in giving creators the power to choose. If a creator would like to participate and opt-in to OpenSea's policy on royalties, they may now do so on their own terms with the Marketplace Blocker.
If you’re not sure how or why this would affect you, some background:
Impacted contracts can choose to enable the CORI-controlled Operator Filter, or deploy their own contract-level block list by writing a smart contract extension or using the Marketplace Blocker App.

What is the Operator Filter?

Recently, OpenSea updated their policy on creator-fees to not enforce royalties unless the contract contained code (the Operator Filter) to block the selling of NFTs on a specific list of zero-royalty marketplaces. The marketplaces on this list are controlled by CORI, a consortium of companies including ZORA, OpenSea, Manifold, Foundation, Super Rare and Nifty Gateway. By opting into the Operator Filter, you delegate control of a marketplace blocklist managed by this consortium.
The Operator Filter can be enabled in your contract settings on Manifold Studio.
Any contract with its first token minted after OpenSea’s January 2nd, 12PM ET deadline that does not contain this code will not be eligible for royalties on OpenSea. Contracts with their first token minted before this deadline are automatically grandfathered in for OpenSea royalty eligibility.

Is my contract impacted?

If your contract deployed before Jan 2, 2023 and a token has been minted, the Operator Filter is not required for OpenSea royalty eligibility. Per OpenSea’s creator-fee policy your contract is grandfathered in to support royalties with no further action.
Enabling the Operator Filter in your Manifold contract settings will still be an available option, and will add contract code that blocks the sale of your tokens on the CORI-designated blocklist of marketplaces.
If your contract is deployed after Jan 2, 2023 or you have yet to mint a token, your collections (contracts) are not currently eligible to receive OpenSea royalties. Enabling either the Operator Operator filter or manually blocking the CORI-required marketplaces at the contract-level will be required before collection creator-fees (royalties) can be configured on OpenSea.

I’m impacted, what are my options?

Impacted contracts can choose to enable the CORI-controlled Operator Filter, or deploy their own contract-level block list by writing a smart contract extension or using the Marketplace Blocker App.
Marketplace Blocker
With the Marketplace Blocker App creators are in control of blocked marketplaces for their contract and can customize and modify this list to their desire.
If CORI dictates a change to required blocked marketplaces it is up to the creator to add these blocks and may result in changes to royalty support on certain marketplaces like OpenSea.
Operator Filter
Opensea will respect your royalties. The mechanic will force collectors to sell your work only on platforms that support royalties and CORI will control this list.
The Operator Filter allows OpenSea and CORI to dictate where and how your token royalties will be respected. Creators will not be able to manage this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

So what should I do? Should I use the Marketplace Blocker App or the Operator Filter?
Ultimately the choice is yours. By introducing the Marketplace Blocker App, we’re hoping to give creators full optionality to handle royalties and marketplace blocks as they please.
What happens if I have deployed a contract but have not minted a token before Jan 2, 2023?
Your contract will not be eligible for OpenSea creator-fees (royalties) without enabling the Operator Filter or managing a blocklist of zero-royalty marketplaces for your contract.
If your contract has no tokens minted on it whatsoever – perhaps you have a Claim page set for a future drop date – then for peace of mind you should mint a first token on that contract (can be a blank token that you can update later). Note: the token must be minted to mainnet.
To be sure, you can simply check your OpenSea profile and if you can view your collection and there is a token on OpenSea today (or before Jan 2), then your collection will be eligible for creator royalties.
Can I opt out of the Marketplace Blocker?
If you have used the app, you can go back in and disable the filters at any time or by simply not using it to begin with.
Can I opt out the Opensea Operator Filter?
Yes. If you have the filter enabled, you can go back any time to your contract settings and disable this or by simply not using it to begin with.
Can I remove an "Approve Transfer" Extension after installing?
Yes. You will need to do this through Etherscan. Simply go to your contract, connect wallet, and go to function #16 setApproveTransfer and set the address to the null address, 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000