The Airdrop feature allows you to mint redeem tokens directly to any wallet without requiring a burn step. This is especially useful for creators who want to hold back tokens for themselves, or reward "allowlists" with tokens that collectors may not need to be burned for.

To use the Airdrop feature, visit your Burn Redeem after it's been published and click the "Airdrop" button. You'll be taken to this screen, where you can input any address, along with the amount of additional tokens you want to mint to that address. If you have multiple addresses you want to airdrop to in the same transaction, you can either add them manually or upload a CSV of all the addresses with their corresponding amounts.

Max Supply and Airdrops:

For Burn Redeems with unlimited supply, the Airdrop feature simply counts as an additional mint. For Burn Redeems with limited supply, two scenarios are possible:

  1. If the supply after airdrops is not yet reached, the airdropped tokens add to the minted count.

  2. If the supply after airdrops exceeds the previously set max supply, then the max supply will increase to accommodate airdrops, and be reached. (ex: if I set my max supply to 10, 5 of my collectors redeem the tokens, and then I airdrop 10 additional tokens, the supply will increase to 15 and the redemption will close with 15/15 minted).

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