Claim Codes

Give collectors access to mint without whitelists or CSVs.

An example of the collector experience here:

Collecting wallet addresses or building spreadsheets for mint access can be frustrating at times and might not be the mechanic you're looking for. If you're looking to limit access to minting, Claim Codes maybe just the tool for you.

Claim codes can be distributed however you like. You can do things like:

  • Pairing them with a physical item

  • Gifting codes at IRL events

  • Sending codes to your most loyal collectors - With claim codes, the collectors can claim with any wallet they choose

An example:


@MetaZooGames used Claim Codes when printing thousands of physical scratch-off cards.

Each card held the key to a brand new Metazoo PFP gifted to their most loyal collectors.

How to set up codes:

Claim code functionality can be enabled while setting up a claim and deciding on your audience. Before deploying the claim:

  • Click "Use Claim Codes" during the setup

  • Enter the codes you want to use

  • Publish

Collecting on your claim page will be gated to only those with a claim code.

Credit card payments cannot be enabled for claims utilizing claim codes.

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