External Contract Burns

External contract burns enable you to set your burnable token to be any NFT on Ethereum, not just NFTs on Manifold. As long as it follows the ERC-721 or ERC-1155 spec, you can set it as a burn token.

To set a non-Manifold NFT as a burnable token, start by selecting "Other Contracts" during the Set Burn Rules step. Input the contract address of your NFT (you can do this by finding the address in the URL of the token's OpenSea page).

If it's a valid token, a line will appear underneath the input bar, showing the Collection name (Milady in this case) and Token spec (ERC-721). Some contracts, like the one above will show an additional field called "Limited Burn Support". This means that the token smart contract does not have a native burn function, and when the token is burned, it will be sent to the dead address. The supply of the burnable token will not change in this scenario.

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