Create an Auction Page

Currently Gallery listings are limited to mainnet ERC721 tokens minted in Manifold Studio that you own in your wallet.

Auction Configuration

With the exception of Reserve Price, auction configurations are locked for Gallery launch. Over time we'll be opening up more customization and mechanic configuration:

  • Reserve Price - The minimum price someone can bid, kicking off the auction duration timer

  • Duration: 24 Hours - Duration countdown begins upon first bid

  • Minimum Bid Increment: 5% - New bids must be 5% or greater than current bid

  • New Bid Extension: 10 Minutes - If a new bid is placed inside 10 minutes left the duration will reset to 10 minutes

  • Marketplace fee: 0% - Creators are the platform

  • Referrer Fee: 6.9% - All Gallery listings are shared on where anyone can create a Share Link (referral link) to earn 6.9% of the final sale price if they drive the winning bid. Any winning bids originating without a Share Link will result in 100% of sale proceeds to the seller.

Listing Your Token

Listing via Manifold Gallery will require a gas transaction to transfer your token to the Manifold marketplace contract. This is a custodial contract where your token will be held until your auction is completed and settled (or canceled).

Creating an Auction Page will move your token to the Manifold custodial marketplace contract and create your token's Gallery page at a URL.

Adding a Custom URL

Setting up a custom slug for an easy-to-share and easy-to-remember URL is as simple as inputting your desired text in the Slug constructor and clicking "Save". We'll let you know if a slug is already taken, and you can delete or edit your custom Manifold URL at any time.

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