ERC-1155 Token Migration

How to migrate your ERC-1155 tokens from another contract to your creator-owned Manifold contract.


In some scenarios creators may want to migrate existing tokens on shared or external (non-Manifold) contracts to creator-owned Manifold contracts. This is a handy way for creators to give collectors the option to "trade-in" these tokens via a collector Burn-Redeem process, dispensing 1:1 soverign tokens from a new creator-owned Manifold contract.

ERC-1155 Token Migration is great for:

  • Shared contracts and tokens where artists don't own the contract used for token minting

  • Locked contracts and tokens

  • At-risk contracts and tokens due to implementation issues or contract exploits

What is it?

Manifold's Burn Redeem page allows users to migrate ERC-1155 tokens from one contract to a new Manifold contract, by leveraging our External Contracts feature. As a creator, you may want to do this if you've minted tokens on a shared contract that you don't control, a contract that has a vulnerability, or if you just want to leverage features in Manifold contracts.

Note: if you have multiple ERC-1155s on an existing contract, you may want to be mindful of the tokenID order of the new contract. On Manifold contracts, ERC-1155 tokenIDs are designated in the order they are created. If you have tokens 1, 2, and 3 on an existing contract, and you want to preserve their order, you'll need to initialize three burn redeems in the same order.

Step 1. Deploy a new contract

Go into Manifold Studio and deploy your new contract in the Contracts tab. Keep the name and symbol the same as you did in your existing contract.

Step 2. Set up a Burn Redeem

Next, go into the Apps tab and set up a Burn Redeem via the Burn Redeem app. When creating your asset, input the same media and properties you used for the original token. When you get to the Select Burn Tokens page, click Other Contracts and input the address and tokenID of your existing ERC-1155 token.

Step 3. Publish your Burn Redeem

Fill in the rest of the rules for your burn redeem. For token migrations, we recommend keeping the redeem open indefinitely to give collectors maximum opportunity to migrate.

Once you've published, collectors will be able to burn their existing tokens for your new artwork, on your new Manifold contract!

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