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Artists can now create single page auction sites for their work with the click of a button using the Gallery app inside Manifold Studio. No coding required. Simply choose your work minted with Manifold Studio and set a reserve price. It's that easy.
Manifold HQ by Young & Sick - Listed via Manifold Gallery
All listings created with the Gallery app in will appear on in a feed format for discovery and sharing. Anyone can use a Share Link (referral link with appended wallet address or ENS) to help drive winning bids and earn 6.9% of an artist's final sale.
To get started, head over to your Apps tab in Manifold Studio and install the Gallery app. Follow the tutorial pages below for more info.
Be aware that listing via Manifold Gallery will require a gas transaction to transfer your token to the Manifold marketplace contract. This is a custodial contract where your token will be held until your auction is completed and settled (or canceled). Read on for more details.
Last modified 1yr ago