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Burn Redeem

Deploy a page allowing collectors to burn one or multiple tokens for a single and new token.
In the following examples, you'll see creators using multiple Manifold tools like the Claim and Burn Redeem app to build out their drops.

PRguitarman - Nyan Balloon

Check out Prguitarman's thread on Nyan Balloon and the Sky Map! It's a great explanation of the mechanics and has some great takeaways!
The drop:
  • The Multi-Nyan Balloons was deployed, this mechanic allowed multiple unique tokens to be burned and then redeemed for one.

ThankYouX & Victor Mosquera - Maelstrom

This BurnRedeem is a collaboration between ThankYouX and Victor Mosquera. The requirements were two tokens from two different collections.

Terrelldom - Born 2 Die

The drop:
  • A map was launched along with the Claim that featured several upcoming mechanics:
  • A contest followed afterwards with a number of incredible submissions:
  • Using our snapshot/allow list tools multiple claims were created just for holders of the Born 2 Die token.

Dot Pigeon - The Bandwagon

The Drop:
A Claim Page was deployed initially and then with each burn that followed, collectors required two of the previous level

Des Lucréce - Proceed With Caution

The drop:
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