Manifold's Burn Redeem App also allows you to select multiple burn tokens at a time for a given redemption.

In the "Set Burn Rules" step of your redeem configuration, you can continuously add new burn tokens as many times as you want. Simply click "+ Add Burn Token" to create an additional burn token for that redemption.

When configuring multiple burn tokens, an important note is that all burn tokens will be required to be burned to redeem the new token (in other words, the redemption utilizes an "AND" mechanic instead of an "OR" mechanic).

Special Cases

Multiple 721s:

In some cases, you may want to do something like "Burn 5 of any Doodles token". When looking to burn N of any token on a contract, you'll need to add 5 burnable tokens, each of which has "All tokens" selected on the Doodles contract.

Any ERC-1155 token on contract:

The Burn Redeem App supports selecting token ranges and "All tokens on contract" for ERC-1155s. Note that if you select these options, and put a burnable amount such as 5, the app will require all 5 burned tokens to still be the same burnable token.

In other words, you'd need to burn 5 of any token - you wouldn't be able to burn 3 of one token and 2 of another token.

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