Hosting on Your Own Site

Hosting on your own site allows you to take any domain name you own and build a custom subdomain URL that will also redirect to your token's auction page.

If you've already configured your website's domain name in your Manifold Studio settings you can simply select it from the drop down, indicate the desired redirect you want to add, and proceed to add the indicated CNAME values to your DNS settings.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial used for setting up

Adding Your Website Domain Name

Click the "settings page" link to open up your Website Configuration settings or visit the page directly at

Here you'll see a list of your Domains if you have any set up, as well as a "Your Website" box to add new domains. I own the domain "" and want to use it to create a custom redirect for my token's auction page.

If accepted you'll see the following message letting you know we're settings things up.

Once you click "ok" you can refresh and you'll now see your domain in the "Your websites" list along with generated strings for CNAME Name and CNAME Value. These strings are what we'll add as CNAME details in our DNS settings.

DNS Configuration for Domain Name

Next you'll need to head to your DNS (Domain Name Service) provider and add the given values as a CNAME in your DNS Records settings. I used to purchase this domain so will head to my account and find the "Domain Settings" area for and add a record.

Once added I can see my domain status in my Studio settings has changed to "ISSUED".

Once issued we can head back to the Gallery app and select our domain.

Now your domain name should appear in the "New Subdomain" dropdown in the Gallery app.

Enter in your desired subdomain. I'd like the domain to redirect to this token's auction page.

Once I click save I'll be shown my new redirect alongside a new CNAME Name and Value.

Final DNS Configuration

Now it's just a matter of adding the DNS record that will point the subdomain to the right gallery page and your new custom subdomain redirect will be live!

You will be creating a CNAME record with the Name and Value provided in the previous step.

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