Transferring Contract Ownership

Your Manifold Creator contract allows you to transfer the ownership of it to another wallet or contract. This could be useful in cases where you'd like your Manifold Creator contract to be owned by a Gnosis Safe, or when you've created your contract with a software wallet and want to transfer it to a hardware wallet.

To transfer, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Manifold Creator contract on Etherscan

  2. Click on the Contract tab

  3. Click on the "Write as Proxy" tab

  4. Click on "Connect to Web3" to connect the wallet that currently owns the contract

  5. Click on the "transferOwnership" function and introduce the address of the new owner of the contract

  6. Click on write and execute the transfer

Be aware that is best to transfer a contract before you've minted your first token. If you've already minted your first token, some platforms might have already ingested your contract and then you'll need to reach out to them to update the contract owner on their side too.

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