Nifty Gateway Drops

Have a Nifty Gateway Drop upcoming?
What is it?
Minting for a Nifty Gateway drop is just as simple as minting your own token.

Preparing for a Nifty Gateway mint?

Typically with each drop Nifty Gateway will require a new ERC721 contract(please confirm with your producer)

1. Single/Numbered Editions

Minting single/numbered editions to the Nifty Gateway Omnibus is just as simple as minting the tokens to a wallet.
After staging the token, click the Mint to Mainnet button. Before you receive the transaction confirmation, you will be given the option to either mint the token to yourself or airdrop to another wallet.
Press the airdrop button, and then enter the Nifty Gateway Omnibus address: 0xE052113bd7D7700d623414a0a4585BCaE754E9d5​
You'll get a confirmation like this:
All set!

2. Open Editions

At this time Nifty Gateway will not allow for Open Editions on a creator contract.