Goerli and Testnets

Making sure your work is ready for mainnet
Manifold Studio provides you the ability to deploy to testnets before having to make changes direcly on mainnet.
Testnets are a playground where we are able to test everything before having to spend actual ether to create and mint our contracts. All ether on a testnet is "fake ether" and has no actual value.
Testnets mock a real world environment so you can even check how your NFTs show up on platforms like OpenSea and Rarible.

The Goerli testnet

What happened to Rinkeby?
In preparation for the merge, Manifold Studio migrated to use Goerli as the test network instead of Rinkeby. Read more about it here.
Goerli is one of the most popular testnets out there and it's the one used on Manifold Studio. OpenSea and Rarible both have their marketplaces deployed on Goerli so it also allows you to see how your NFTs look like on each platform before deploying to mainnet.

Getting Goerli ether

To be able to deploy and mint on Goerli, you will need Goerli ether. You can use faucets to be able to claim ether to participate on the Goerli tesnet.
You can claim ether from the following Goerli faucets:
If you are not able to get Goerli ether from any of these faucets ping us on Discord and we can send you some over.