Bulk Metadata Customization


Metadata customization allows you to indicate individual metadata for each possible token in an ERC721 claim.

Create reveal experiences, reward individual collectors with special artwork, and more.

Warning: Assets will be updated immediately upon publishing, with all token media and metadata public on arweave.

Be sure to time the customization to suit the experience you are building and be aware that metadata customizations for any unminted claim page tokens may be visible to tech-savvy collectors.

Getting Started

To get started look for the β€œTokens” tab on the Edit Claim menu of your published claim and choose "Custom". This will allow you to specify different images and token details for each token minted form this Claim Page.

Studio will walk you through template creation and upload to specify images, descriptions and attributes for each before committing the new data onchain.

Create and Import Metadata CSV

Use the "Import Metadata CSV" button to access the template creator and create a CSV template to edit and upload.

Need an image URL for your artwork media (image or animation)?

Upload your artwork to Google Drive and set the sharing permissions as "Anyone" (public) to generate a link you can use.

Any web2 link will work as we simply need to access to the media file to upload it to arweave in the next step!

Example CSV for upload:

Once completed and uploaded, you'll be able to fine-tune your individual token details as needed in the metadata customization UI.

Upload to Arweave

If you're happy with your configuration, use the "Begin Arweave Upload" button to start the upload to permanent, decentralized storage on Arweave. Depending on media size this can take a while.

Publish Changes to the Blockchain

To finalize your changes and permanatly update your tokens' metadata to the variations specified you'll need to confirm an onchain transaction in studio.

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