Delegate Cash

Delegate.Cash allows collectors to keep vaulted NFTs safe. With this integration collectors can claim tokens, prove ownership, and utilize Merch Bridge from a hot wallet.

Claim Pages

Claim pages recognize delegate wallets via SAFE Authentication (ERC-5131) and Delegate Registry (ERC-5639). Two EIP's co-authored by our founder@wwhchung.
Claim Page collectors can now use Delegate.Cash to prove ownership and allowlist eligibility of a cold wallet address while minting to a different hot wallet to keep NFTs safe.
When connected to any Manifold Claim Page with a delegate wallet you'll see the @delegatecash logo and options to toggle between wallets if more than one of your connected or delegate wallets is eligible.
Check out this clip here:

Merch Bridge

Collectors can use Delegate cash to prove ownership and discount eligibility for product gates configured in the Merch Bridge app. All while keeping wallets holding their most valuable NFTs completely disconnected and safe.