Sell Tokens

Deploying your own sovereign contract allows creators to list tokens for sale in two ways:
  1. 1.
    Minting tokens to your own wallet and then listing for sale
  2. 2.
    Setting up a mint page for collectors to mint from and then collectors minting the tokens themselves

Minting tokens yourself Then listing for sale

  • Tokens are created(minted) before being listed for sale
  • Creators pay gas fees to mint the tokens and the gas fees to list on a platform of choice
The first option for selling your tokens is pre-minting the tokens. In this case as the creator, you are minting tokens to yourself and covering the gas fees. After the tokens have been minted and exist on the blockchain, the tokens can then be listed on sale on a supporting platforms or something like our Manifold Gallery app.
Pre-minting tokens is typically done for smaller scale drops.
Examples include:
  • 1 of 1 art listed on SuperRare
  • A drop on Nifty Gateway
  • Single pieces listed on platforms like FND, Looksrare or Opensea

Creating mint page Collectors minting themselves

  • Tokens are not created(minted) until a collector mints from a page
  • Collectors pay gas fees to mint the tokens
The other option to sell tokens is by using some kind of mint page. When deploying a mint page, the tokens haven't been created yet. The tokens aren't created on chain until your collectors pay to mint a token from this page. A tool that utilizes this functionality is our Claim App.
A common question we get is - Can a claim page can be used for pre-minted tokens? This isn't possible as the claim page is used to sell/distribute tokens that haven't been minted yet.
Examples of mint pages include: