Engage a Community

There are endless possibilties to engage a community in web3. Let's go through some ways this is possible in Manifold Studio.

The first step...

So you've established a community and now you want to get some tokens into the hands of your collectors.
How do you do turn community into collectors? How many tokens would you like to distribue?
Well there are many different type of mechanics where this is possible. These options can include:
  • Open Editions - A single piece of artwork that an unlimited number of collectors can mint
  • Limited Editions - A single piece of artwork with a limited amount
  • Collectibles - Multiple artworks that can be minted by a limited amount of collectors
In this case, let's use the Claim Page app to do an Open Edition. The app allows creators to deploy a page which allows collectors to mint tokens. The app let creators to set any price they choose. This is effective because it can allow creators to get tokens in their collectors wallets, tokens which can be granted some utility in the future.
Some examples:

So now I have a list of collectors holding tokens... What do I do next?

This list of your collectors is the the center of creating web3 experiences and engagement loops.
To download the list of addresses, please checkout our snapshot tools.
Let's check out some of the engagement tools we can use!

Token Gated Merch

What if your community wants merch? If you're looking to make the merch only accessible to collectors, you can do that with our Merch Bridge.
With the Merch Bridge you can create token gated shopping experiences. This allows for mechanics such as:
  • Token gated purchases
  • Token gated discounts
  • Token gate based on any contract and audience. Looking to token-gate for holders of Doodles?
Check out the merch campaign for Steve Aoki:

Whitelist Mints

What if you want to create a campaign where holders of your tokens are eligible to mint another edition? Using our Claim Page app again, this can be done for a number of combinations. This is possible for mechanics like:
  • A period where holders of your tokens are eligible for a free mint and then a period where new collectors will pay to mint
  • Limited Edition mints only available to your whitelisted addresses
Check out the token gated claim from Matt Szczur:

Airdrop to your community

With your list of collectors you can continue to reward them. Maybe certain members are gifted tokens. Maybe all your collectors are gifted tokens.
An example of a token airdropped to friends and family:
  • Check out the hidden message in the token's metadata:

Burn and Redeem Campaigns

What if you wanted to burn some tokens from the original claim page to create more exclusive access? What if you wanted to reduce supply? Our Burn & Redeem app maybe what you're looking for.
How could this be used?
  • Burning multiple tokens to get 1
  • Different tiers of burning multiple tokens
Check out ACK's Burn
**Feature currently not supported in Manifold Studio but possible with our Developer Tooling