Your Manifold Creator contract allows you to set royalties for your NFTs in order to tell the different marketplaces how much they should pay you when a secondary sale happens.

You can set royalties at two levels:

  • Contract level: in which case all tokens within the contract will have the same royalties.

  • Token level: which override the contract level royalties and set royalties for a specific token. This is useful if for example you are partnering with another artist and need to split royalties for the token you both collaborated on.

You can verify the royalties are set both on Manifold Studio and on the Royal Registry.

Setting up royalties

Royalties on OpenSea [Updated Jan '24]

For smart contracts deployed before August 31, 2023 - Royalties are respected until Feb 2024

For smart contracts deployed after August 31 - Royalties are all optional

After Feb 2024

  • For L2s, Royalties on OpenSea are enforced but only until Feb 29, 2024

  • There will be no way to enforce royalties on ETH going forward for Opensea

  • If you're using Manifold's Marketplace Blocker it isn’t useful for any royalty platforms, but will allow you to prevent it on specific platforms.

How to set up royalties for your contract

To set royalties, your contract must have been deployed to mainnet.

Once your contract is deployed, go to your contract in Manifold Studio and click on the settings tab.

You'll see a section called "Default Royalties". In there, add the address that should be payed for those royalties and the corresponding percentage.

For example if I want to get 5% royalties for all the secondary sales of my tokens I would add my address 0xb95..553 and percentage 5:

It is also possible to split royalties and have more than one address get royalties. To do so, you would only need to click on "Add Recipient" and add the other address and corresponding percentage. You can do this for as many recipients as you want.

How to set up royalties for specific tokens

Manifold Studio also allows you to easily set royalties for specific tokens. This is specially useful in situations where you've done a collaboration with another artist and want to split the royalties only for that specific token you've collaborated for.

To do so, go to your tokens page inside Manifold Studio, click on the three dots of the token you want to set royalties for and then click on "Token Settings".

Once on the settings page, follow the same instructions as setting royalties for a contract, except this time you won't need to do anything on the OpenSea side since OpenSea doesn't allow you to set royalties at the token level.

I don't see where to set royalties!

If you are not seeing the button to set token royalties in Manifold Studio, it is likely that you have done an editioned mint. The functionality to set royalties for this function isn't available through Studio yet and will need to be set manually in Etherscan.

Head over to your contract on Etherscan and hit the button Connect to Web3.

Then go to the Contract (βœ”) tab and then the Write as Proxy section.

Scroll down to 25. setRoyalties

Fill in the 3 inputs and then press WRITE

tokenId: - Enter the tokenID

receivers: [0x...] - Enter the address that will be receiving the royalties

basicPoints: [1000] (100 points is 1%, for 10% then put 1000)

Setting splits for primary sales

Setting splits for primary sales depends on the marketplace that you will list your tokens on. Some marketplaces allow you to split sales between different addresses and some others don't. This has nothing to do with your royalties set up or any configuration inside your contract.

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