Reporting Issues to the Forum

If your questions aren't answered in an FAQ, feel free to create a post on our forum:

When reporting issues to the forum it's important to be as descriptive as possible if you're running into some unexpected behaviour.

Issue Details Checklist

Helpful items include answers to the following questions:

  • What is the issue?

  • How did you arrive to the issue?

    • What were the steps you took that made you encounter the issue?

    • Can you reproduce the issue consistently?

    • Did this issue occur during deploying a contract, minting a token, or using a Studio app?

  • What operating system and platform are you on?

    • Are you on desktop? Or on mobile?

    • What browser are you using?

  • If there's an error with the transaction:

    • What wallet are you using?

    • Is there a pending transaction in progress?

    • The transaction hash, or a link to the transaction (or both)

Getting to your Console

  1. Head over to the Developer Tools section in your browser. Usually, this can be accessed by pressing F12.

  2. Take a screenshot of the following Console tab.

    • If you can reproduce the error consistently:

      1. With the developer tab still open, execute the steps to arrive to the error state.

      2. Take a screenshot of the console after the error occurs.

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