Creator Contract

Manifold Creator is a smart contract owned and deployed by you, the creator.

After collaborating with artists like Mad Dog Jones (REPLICATOR), Pak (ASH) and FVCKRENDER (Sotheby’s Auction), three takeaways became the core of Manifold Studio:

  1. Authenticity β€” True provenance for creators, from a self deployed contract

  2. Interoperability β€” Works with existing ERC-721/1155 NFT platforms

  3. Extensibility β€” Deploy custom minting mechanics and retention tools


A Manifold Creator contract ensures the NFTs it mints are authentically attributed to you.


When deploying a Manifold Contract, the source code is provided by our team, but it's you that deploys it. As a result the contract is signed by yourself and your wallet.

Here’s Mad Dog Jones’ ASCII signature. See a few others here.


Manifold Creator is based on the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards. As such, all NFTs minted with Manifold Creator are recognized on all open NFT marketplaces, including those like OpenSea, LooksRare and Foundation. This means that you have a choice of listing and selling NFTs using open libraries like the OpenSea SDK, or as you’ll read later, using your own marketplace.

Check out some examples in our case studies.


Finally, at the core of Manifold Creator is a powerful extension framework that allows creators to install blockchain β€œapps” that extend the functionality of their own creator contract.

Using extensions, creators can do much more than simply mint visual and audio NFTs.

The contract's extensibility offers mechanics like:

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