Manifold Studio enables you to airdrop tokens to any address. Airdrops can be done for both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts.

You can airdrop both on mainnet and Sepolia (in case you want to test out the airdrop first).

Airdrop ERC-1155

Let's say you want to create an NFT with 13 editions to Airdrop to 13 of my collectors.

You can simply start creating your NFT and then click on "Mint to Sepolia".

Once you click you will get the option to either mint the NFTs to yourself or Airdrop them.

When you click on "Airdrop" you'll get a pop up asking you to insert the different wallets to airdrop to and how many NFTs each wallet should get.

If you want to insert a batch of wallets you can upload a CSV with all the addresses and tokens. If all wallets are just getting one token, you can upload a CSV file simply with the addresses. The CSV should have the addresses as the first column and the quantity as optional second column. You don't need to add any headers to the CSV file. Repeated addresses are allowed and Manifold Studio will simply add them up (e.g if an address shows up twice in the CSV file, that address will get 2 tokens).

Once you have your list ready you can just go ahead and click "Mint" to mint and airdrop all those editions to your collectors!

Bootstrapping DAOs

Artist collectives have been leveraging our ERC-1155 contract to bootstrap DAOs and airdrop NFTs to every member of the DAO. Check out the examples from EWB and sidewaysDAO.

Airdropping additional 1155 Tokens

If you are looking to mint additional tokens, in your Token Page and click on 'Mint more tokens."

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