For a more detailed explanation as well as references/guides, check out the Merch Bridge section in our developer documentation.

The Manifold Shopify Merch Bridge

Merch Bridge allows you to offer exclusive items and discounts to NFT holders via your Shopify store. We currently support ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens on Ethereum and Polygon.

The Merch Bridge App is a solution for stores that already have an existing storefront or that are looking to set up a standard storefront experience. The Shopify Merch Bridge App allows configuration of NFT-gates at the product level and leverages pre-built widgets to add "Connect Wallet" and "Add to cart" buttons to specified product pages automatically. Customers experience the same smooth checkout they're used to for non-gated items and can fill their cart with gated and non-gated items to checkout all at once.



If you're running into issues setting up the merch bridge, check out some common questions here.

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